It’s time to start taking this subject seriously.
Psst, TLDR:- It is still fully protected under Law.
Ok this is far from ground-breaking, in fact for some of us it’s now fairly routine to hear stories like this, more and more so anyway. But…
Never forget to DIS-Trust 'Ze Scientists'.
This post tells the story of 'Sam', a six year old boy subjected to what I consider as the child abuse of 'Critical Race Theory' - Non Marxist…
This post and the next one, to be published tomorrow, will outline two honest and, in my view, truly shocking accounts of the increasingly tyrannical…
For the safety/future of those concerned, I must be careful with the details here, so please forgive any lack of specifics although I will give as much…
As many of you know, I recently re-posted (with permission) Julie Elizabeth’s utterly superb vaccine injury song. I posted it on BitChute here, and on…
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