Free Speech Studio is a civil rights project founded in 2018 which seeks to push back against the ongoing attacks on our right to free speech, mainly in the USA and UK but around the world too. These attacks are now rife across the entire span of countries once known as western Christian liberal democracies.

The loss of the cultural heritage of these countries, their values, their global influence on freedom, human rights, civil liberties and democracy, would be an absolute tragedy for humanity itself. It is therefore high time that all freedom-loving people take a stand against these concerted efforts to destroy the values which all western nations paid a very heavy price to create and uphold over the centuries. It really is ‘now or never’.

and then they came for… our speech.

Free Speech Studio is run by Mark Jones, a UK-based investigator and citizen-journalist with help from a few highly-trusted individuals. We have one common goal: To preserve free speech at all costs.

Without the freedom to express one’s opinions, especially when those opinions are perfectly reasonable, ethical and rational, the cultural future of the West is at best uncertain, at worst doomed to extinction.

Some radically malevolent voices appear to be cheering at the prospect of the death of western culture, and their numbers are worryingly increasing as real ‘hate’ becomes more and more fashionable, never mind acceptable, especially in dark Marxist quarters.


I believe this is a sleight of hand conducted mainly by the mainstream media who we all once trusted, keeping everyone worried about ‘hate’ on the far right (which of course invites some legitimate concern), meanwhile a far more prevalent and overt kind of hatred is displayed daily, and with significant pride, by the other side who nobody seems to be keeping an eye on.

With street graffiti now frequently including the curious call to real violence of: “Kill Whitie”, it appears that “whitey” is now a deserving target of the very same hatred we have unfortunately seen expressed towards other persecuted groups throughout history, persecution which nobody remotely sensible would seek to justify, nor make excuses for today. Yet for the first time it would appear that the mainstream opinion is that this particular hatred towards whites based on race, cultural heritage, religious beliefs etc, is somehow perfectly acceptable, or often even praised by many mainstream media outlets.

This new kind of intolerance and hatred should scare the proverbial out of any decent human being, regardless of their opinion on any particular topic. It certainly should scare any white westerner who cares about their history, or increasingly bleak-looking future, especially the future prospects for their children and grandchildren.

We all come together in agreement that the extinction of any of earth’s creatures is an indisputable horror and a shameful event to be allowed to happen under ‘our watch’, and we would all love to see endangered species saved, such as the Northern White Rhinoceros, the Mountain Gorilla, or the South China Tiger.

We also all come together in agreement that the loss of any human culture or race is an unspeakable tragedy, and only a fool would argue that any such group would somehow benefit the world by disappearing out of existence.

Be it the Native Americans, the Aborigines, or any other historically threatened or disadvantaged ethnic and/or cultural group, anyone who would wish to see the demise of any subset of humanity is surely unhinged or, if sane, utterly evil.

Yet when the cultural and ethnic heritage of ‘whitey’ is merely mentioned, let alone defended, the abuse and hatred shown towards the person expressing concern is instantaneous, and vicious.

This is precisely how we can know, with absolute certainty, that none of this modern radical leftist ideology is about ‘justice’ or ‘tolerance’ or kindness of any form. That’s the ‘ruse’ alright. But it is clearly actually about one thing and one thing only, the death of me and my people, white western Europeans, and the socio-cultural marvels our ancestors created for us, often against stiff opposition and at great personal risk to themselves when taking those giant leaps forward. Leaps which benefited not just us, but the world’s entire population and still does today.

Perhaps it was once reasonable to claim that the future of white western culture was completely safe, and that anyone raising concerns about it may have been a racial supremacist of some kind. Perhaps. But those times have gone, and things have changed significantly. It is no longer something which only a racial extremist would be concerned about.

Western cultural heritage is now in clear and present danger, and the historical hateful noises made by a tiny number of genuine white supremacists should not be used as a lever to unjustly silence those who now, in 2021, have entirely rational and morally-sound reasons to be concerned for their own cultural future.

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It is no more racist for a white person to care about the future of their culture, as it is for a Native American or Aborigine to care about theirs. Equal rights means equal rights, nothing more, nothing less. I care about the future of all races and all cultures.

I spent many years caring about and fighting for the rights of persecuted minorities, I have always been an ardent opponent of real racism, the belief that one race is superior to all others or that we should decide how to treat people solely based on their ethnic origin or skin colour. Such behaviour is patently wrong, and harmful to all people in the long run, as well as to our societies.

My strong and active opposition to racism over the years is perhaps the biggest reason why I do not fear the manipulative labels deviously used to frighten people of a conservative viewpoint into silence and self-censorship, labels such as “racist” which just about every British Brexit voter has probably been called at least once by someone in their peer group when they had the ‘courage’ to admit how they voted in a referendum about sovereignty, not race!

Water off a duck’s back. I know better than anyone else ever could, that I could not possibly be less racist than I am. Knowing this enables me to speak freely at least while I still can, and to now speak in defence of my own particular ethnic/cultural heritage, just as I applaud others who speak for theirs.

I do not believe other races and cultures are somehow inferior, less valuable or less deserving of a right to exist. I merely have a sincere, innocent, and harmless interest in my own culture, its heritage, and its survival. ‘Sorry’ about that.

Such sentiments are apparently akin to crimes against humanity according to some radical leftists these days, but only I can know my own motives and beliefs, and I know they are morally sound and borne out of fondness for my own heritage, as opposed to a negative view of any other peoples of the world. As famous civil-rights activist Cesar Chavez famously (and brilliantly) exclaimed:

I am a genuine lover of diversity. (The good old-fashioned meaning, not the twisted new one.) The way to ‘celebrate diversity’ is to preserve every component of this diverse and interesting world we live in, from black to white, Christian to Moslem, man and woman, young and old, right and left.

Diversity, by definition, means variety. There is no variety without differences, duh. It is therefore blindingly obvious that western liberal democracies are at least equally important to the future of humanity as are any other nations or cultures.

Without free speech, there can be no other freedoms.

All modern rights and freedoms were borne out of the right to express challenging ideas and opinions. Freedom to speak openly and without fear of persecution enables ideas to be invented, discussed, approved or discarded, subject to the vibrant discussions between people of a truly free society. The tree of freedom grows from the root of free speech. If the root dies, every branch of that tree will ultimately wither and die in due course.

Worse, a root, once destroyed, will never grow again. How many millions of people have died to keep that root alive when it was most threatened? Were those lives sacrificed in vain? I sincerely hope not, but only time will tell.

One thing I do know is that I can no longer ‘go quietly into the night’, or stand idly by as I watch our most important freedom being systematically euthanised. I don’t want to live in a future without free speech, I don’t want my children and grandchildren to live in such a world either.

This project is my way of ‘doing something’, however small, so that even in the worst case scenario I can at least say: “I tried. I’m sorry I failed, but I did try“.

Free Speech is not a political right. It is a moral duty.

If you share any of my concerns, I would ask you to play your part too. Speak up, make yourself heard. Do not bend to the peer-pressure of self-censorship any longer. This is not about left versus right. It’s about Freedom versus Serfdom.

By adding all of our voices, we can hopefully ensure the war on our Freedom remains a spoken war, rather than a hot one. We have seen more than enough of those. But if all else fails, we give up our hard-earned right to free speech at our great peril, so fight we must in whatever way necessary to win the war being waged against it. As far as civil liberty is concerned, free speech is all there is.

Let’s hope we’re up to the task of preserving it.

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